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The students will have 15 minutes to write the response to the email - This is not an essay!
It should be FORMAL!! In the email, the student should answer two questions and they should also ask one question before ending the email.
At the end they should use a formal closure such as:

"Je vous prie d'agréer, Monsieur / Madame mes salutations les plus distinguées" or

Hope that this info will help clear up the issue.
Mona Mulhair
College Board Consultant

Instructions you will see on the exam:
You will write a reply to an email message. You will have 15 minutes to read the message and write the reply.
Vous allez écrire une réponse à un message électronique. Vous aurez 15 minutes pour lire le message.
Your reply should include a greeting and a closing and should respond to all the questions and requests in the message. In your reply, you should ask for more details about something mentioned in the message. Also you should use a formal form of address.
Votre réponse devrait être débuter par une salutation et terminer par une formule de politesse. Vous devrez répondre à toutes les questions et demandes du message. dans votre

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