Les devoirs

Second semester 2014

Assessments and work time for the end of the year.

1.Monday, May 12-environment vocabulary quiz
2.Wed., May 14-Final reading assessment
3.Friday, May 16-Work time in library to prepare project:
Here is the project organizer:
Fr. 3 environnement-Le Projet organizer.docx

Here is the project description:
Fr. 3 environnement multimedia project 2013 Fr.doc

4. Tuesday, May 20-Project presentation in front of class
5. Tuesday, May 27-Final exam-multiple choice format

Wed. April 16, 2014-I will not be in class tomorrow because French 4/5 will be competing at the UNC World Language Day state competition field trip.
Also I will not be in class on Friday because of a conference. I will be at school tomorrow until 7:30 am.

So here is what you need to do for tomorrow.

1. If you have not turned in your project-it is late. Get it in. It is an assessment.

2. Quiz-subjunctive quiz-expressions, irregular verbs and to at, in. You will be able to study your flashcards before the quiz. So study.

3. Environment unit vocabulary list. The sub will tell which parts you will look up

4. Bring your Dora L'exploratrice booklet. If you were absent, the sub has the booklet. You will be doing several more pages in English. (Do the ones you missed)

5. You will also do a short reading that you will turn in during class.

6. Stayed tuned for Friday.

Mon voyage writing assessment: Fini:lundi le 14 avril

You are preparing to take a trip to France and you have prepared the itinerary in order to share it with your Friend friend you met during a class Skype exchange. Please type the document, writing all the necessary elements into a variety of sentences. Add your pictures.
Here is the docent with the requirements:

Les régions-assessment-un poster:Fini-vendredi, le 28 mars-exam/project grade category.

You are going to create a one page travel poster to promote a region we have studied in this unit. It is important that you follow the directions and design the task according to the directions, including specific information, correct vocabulary from the unit and the variety of grammar structures for this unit.
  1. Research page to guide your project. Research only in french. Need to show evidence of new things you have learnd about the region from your research.Fr 3 travel on va visiter une région- La France
  2. Link to wikispace to help guide your research: Les régions-la recherche
  3. Project description page:Fr. 3 travel poster revised project details.doc
  4. Project rubric:Fr. 3 travel poster rubric.doc

Les Jeux Olympiques-2014

Friday, Jan 24 in class assignment-library computers
  • Les Hotels-vous allez à la bibliothéque pour visiter le Wikispace pour recherecher des hôtels. Turn in the paper to the sub at the end of the period

First semester 2013


Oral- group

ask and answer questions about your healthy and unhealthy life styles

13 décembre-vendredi


healthy and unhealthy lifestyles and advice to have a healthier life-see notes

13 décembre-vendredi

District final

multiple choice exam with listening, reading and grammar from whole semester

17 décembre-mardi

  • Fri., Nov. 22: Two activities: 1) Open note test on accidents, sicknesses, treatment voc. and expressions for giving advice (il faut, etc,). You may only use accidents, etc. voc. packet; 2) worksheet for reading about sicknesses and writing-accidents, health-collected at the end of class. You may use notes.) Bonnes vacances et Le Jour de Grace
  • Wed., Nov. 20: La bibliothèque: Wikispace activity-La santé
  • Monday, Nov. 18: Test-Imparfait et Passé composé-Mon enfance
  • Friday, Nov. 22: Quiz-open notes with accident packet-Accidents, sicknesses, treatments and advice

  • Nov. 8-Jour 4- les sentences pour le film-Au revoir les Enfants,(Remember to keep up even if you are absent. Do not copy their sentences. This is your writing assessment) Ask someone about the storyline for that day
  • Nov. 8 Quiz-le corps-moved from Wed.

  • Nov. 6-Jour 3- les sentences pour le film-Au revoir les Enfants, Quiz-le corps

  • Nov. 4-Jour 2-les sentences for le film-Au revoir les Enfants

  • Oct 31 Thurs-due 1) booking reading from chap. 4; 2)listening quiz-chap 4; 3) grade song-Comme d'habitude

  • Oct. 23 (Wed)-Daily Routines test-present tense, passé composé and frequency words-exam grade
  • Oct. 23-(Wed)-Daily Routine storyboard-sentences and drawings-interpersonal writing grade

  • Oct 17: Final copy of essay-Mon portrait